The computer has become part and parcel of anyone’s life and is no longer restricted to commercial or official purposes alone. Also, it has become easy to get it though there is bound to be increasing confusion while purchasing. In the process, there is every possibility of losing sight of the objective for which the computer is purchased. Also, frequent developments will tend to keep pushing the budget. For instance, nowadays more and more people have a computer/laptop/tablet in their homes, they use it consistently meaning that they want something that will work with them and function effectively. It is now possible to get computers that have blue light blockers and glare reduction screens, however, this may not be within the intended budget so other avenues can be looked at like buying the right glasses (see this here) for people to use their computers without the worry of straining their eyes and causing headaches. Whichever type the buyer wants to go for there are specific things they will need to look at before purchasing.

Realistic Budget and Requirements

Before you go out to buy that computer, you will need to decide on the budget and the purpose for which you need a computer. That is whether it is required for personal or official use. In today’s world, computers are available at different prices based on the configuration, i.e., low end to high end and one can get based on the available budget too. This included even branded computers. Though the best is always preferred, the available budget plays a key role in zeroing on a computer.

Once a budget is established, the buyer should take a decision on whether to buy a desktop or a laptop, which can be carried anywhere. This might require adjusting the budget or the objective so that they are well-matched with each other. The key factors that should be looked into while purchasing a computer. For instance, the processor is one of the most important factors currently since there are several branded items available in the market. This included Intel and the AMD that have come out with their latest type of processors ranging between 10 and 18 cores.


Read-Only Memory (RAM) is another key factor enabling more applications and more browsers to be opened quickly when the computer is fitted with more RAMs. Currently, 4GB RAM has become the basic criteria though higher GB RAM is preferred by most to stay tuned with the latest additions. Also, the RAM is a key part for several professionals like the photo and video editor or a gamer. Similarly, higher memory is needed for work relating to CAD or CAM.

Another important tool is the hard drive. Nowadays, a minimum of 500 GB has become the basic requirements, and one or more TB memory is catching up fast. At the same time, there is the availability of cloud storage. This meant that a buyer could think twice before buying a big capacity of hard drive. That is mainly because companies like Google or Amazon are offering cloud storage for a cost that can be accessed with internet help from anywhere in the world.


Currently, most of the computers are offering built-in graphics. As a result, the resolution is better. Also while AMD cards are good for mining whereas NVIDIA is preferred for Adobe programs. Nowadays, most computers are entering the market with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system tough Linux operating system is also available.

Other than the OS, one also needs to decide on the software which one wants to install based on the requirement, which can be either downloaded or purchased with a license. Once these are done, anti-virus software should be acquired with a license to protect the computer from any virus that comes mostly through the internet or any other devices like a pen drive. Finally, as everything is turning towards digitalization, the internet has become an absolute necessity.

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