Productivity is an integral part of business success. Several companies and employees find that their productivity goes down the drain even when they are working hard. Lack of work-life balance and the presence of several distractions can make anyone lose focus.

Successful leaders get the aid of different business solutions to manage challenging processes. For example, managing a workspace facility might require Building Analytics Software that can monitor and solve issues concerning thousands of mechanical and electrical equipment. Similarly, many other hardware and software solutions can help you concentrate on your work, give your productive best, and make sure that you avoid all distractions. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing software products that can improve your productivity manifold.


Nothing screams productivity like Evernote. It is like your own personal assistant. Jot down your notes, take text, use handwriting, save audio files, business receipts or even the minutes of a meeting and keep them handy wherever you go. The best thing about Evernote is that it works everywhere- the web, your laptop and your mobile devices. Everything is synced neatly, and you could even get browser extensions that help you clip the web and save it for later.

The software lets you keep everything organized, neat and clean. The fact that it could save almost any kind of work- from your spontaneous musings to important stuff you need to remember about work at once place, makes it a productivity powerhouse. A great thing about the software is that it is extremely easy to use and doesn’t come with a learning curve.


Everybody hates meetings and yet they continue to be the biggest distractions in modern offices. Team meetings often turn out to be anything between a debate and discussion, with lots of wasted time and distracted employees. If you want to get the best out of the meetings, go for Zoom. It is considered the best in class video meeting solution and the service is its own advertisement. Add your clients, employees, and team members here, start a meeting hassle-free, keep an agenda and stick to it. Your meeting will be over within minutes and people would thank you for not ripping their concentration apart. If you want to screen record these meetings for anyone to access so they can refer back to them if needed, then you can implement video capture software on your computer/laptop and put these in a file for employees to view at any time.


While some may consider it micro-managed, the truth is that a company’s product management tools or communication tools could be used by employees for chatter instead of actual work. StayFocused helps you in changing this. The tool can keep a track of the websites being used by employees as well as the kind of activity they do there.

It could limit time spent on Facebook or other tools. The users get a quota to spend on these sites and once done, the access is blocked for the day. You can use it for yourself to become a productivity monster. The software allows you to block entire websites or specific subdomains, specific paths or even pre-defined in-page content. If you know games distract you on a website, just block them with StayFocused. Google Chrome also offers Pomodoro timer extensions which could be even more useful when used in conjunction with this app.

Productivity is a slippery road and eventually, it will all depend on the effort you put in at work. The tools could be great for support in your mission to achieve your goals.

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