If you want great career prospects, a fat paycheck and a lifestyle that everyone else envies, you should be working in the tech sector. Life could be more beautiful with a host of perks and a fabulous culture if you are working at one of the companies mentioned below.

Zoom Video Communications

The best tech company to work for in the US is Zoom Video Communications according to a Glassdoor survey. It is not just the best tech company in the list but also the second-best company to work for overall. Employees love the integrity of other staff members, and there is no dearth of benefits and perks in the office for the team. The product is also praised by many for being the best in the market. What’s more? The employees claim that the CEO genuinely cares about them and takes time to listen to them.

Procore Technologies

Yes, the second-best tech company to work for is not a part of the FAANG group. It is Procore Technologies which was ranked no. 2 in tech and no. 4 overall for its excellent culture. The company doesn’t mind providing a host of benefits and perks to its employees and the satisfaction shows.


No. 3 in tech and no. 6 overall, LinkedIn is a place where you will find some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. The company is appreciated for its culture, but the employees suggest that too many bright minds mean that there is fierce competition at the workplace. All this seems to be working out fairly well for the company since it is growing by leaps and bounds.


The company has its fair share of negative comments, and recently, its workplace behavior related to Sheryl Sandberg garnered a lot of media attention. Still, the company managed to get at no. 4 in tech and no. 7 overall. The interesting thing about Facebook is that the employees suggest that they are working even harder on getting together and fixing problems at the company in the wake of its negative press.

The bad thing, however, is that employees complain about terrible work-life balance. Most people are working outside of their regular hours, putting in nights and weekends at work. The rules are not set in stone, but the competitive culture encourages such behavior in employees.


Those who are not satisfied with just coding for a social networking site will find Google a great place to work. The company always keeps on working on some of the most interesting projects in tech. It is ranked no. 5 in tech and no. 8 overall. They give employees good benefits, free food, and subsidized massages too. Google may not always perform well in its ideology of letting employees be themselves, but they have a relatively flat organization structure, given their scale.

What surprises (and shocks) employees here is that Google is a penny pincher and employees may not always get sufficient resources to work on their projects. The scale sometimes defies the purpose.