In the world of technology news there is a lot that can be said, but what really matters in the end is what you do with it. What is your area of interest? Do you want to get breaking information, or do you want to know how to make money?

There is a lot of overlap between the various sections of tech news, so if you are interested in one thing you are likely interested in another. You can check Tech Podcasts, YouTube channels, or peer-reviewed publications to be updated with the latest technology trends. Business News is a sub category of tech news and covers business-related things such as new products/services, market trends, etc. Most of this section is focused on the business industry and has links to all types of industries including telecommunications, information technology, personal technology, healthcare, etc.

Health and Medical News is a subcategory of tech news, and covers issues that are directly affecting health and medicine in the technological arena. For example, Apple’s new ipod product just made its debut, but did you hear about it in the tech media? It was covered extensively by both newspapers and television shows. This same thing applies to the healthcare/medical field. You will often find links to health related blogs, news, and videos on tech related websites.

Entertainment and Tech News includes TV and film news, including spoilers and cast interviews. When it comes to entertainment tech the television is king, with movies and TV series being produced every year by high-tech companies. The movie industry alone is worth millions in revenue each year, with TV shows like Prison Break and Twilight being two of the biggest draws. Films such as The Fantastic Four were also produced by high-tech companies, but were not widely publicized in the traditional media.

Personal Tech News includes news of the personal tech realm such as cell phones, PDAs, handheld computers, MP3 players, iPod accessories, Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi networking, and laptop peripherals. This is a wide-ranging topic that covers just about everything that you can do with a computer or a smart phone these days. A good example of a personal tech news story was the release of the iPhone 4 from Apple, which quickly reached number one in its industry-wide popularity sweep. Other notable examples of personal tech news include the invention of the remote control, the Apple Watch, and Google’s smartphone project, Android. Other companies have their own dedicated websites for providing real-time information on the latest products and rumors.

The social media realm is rapidly evolving into a dominant force in the tech industry. Facebook recently overtook Twitter to become the most popular social networking site. Google’s new search tool makes it easier than ever before to locate specific topics or individuals. Twitter recently announced plans to purchase Periscope, an application that allows users to stream video to their browsers. Apple has also acquired the mapping service GeoCaching, and is in the process of buying smaller companies such as Latitude, Cliq Cart, and Routeader to bolster its social media presence in the tech market. The future of tech is coming, and the sooner you get involved the sooner you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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