The world has been enriched by technopreneurs in the past- from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, the people who changed the world were always those who knew how to add technology to business and give more value to the people. I would not suggest that I am a great like these people, but I am definitely doing a great job for myself.

Hi everyone! I am Matt, and I am the owner and writer on this website. I am a technology entrepreneur running my own company that provides cloud and cyber security solutions to small and medium-sized business. I am a dad; an avid golfer and I am crazy about old Southern-style food. I like traveling with my two little kids and beautiful wife during summer and feel that life must be enjoyed to its fullest.

However, this is not where my story begins. When I was just a young kid, I knew that life would be difficult growing up. My dad was an accountant, and my mother was a nurse. As most parents of that generation are, they wanted me to grow up and get a decent job like them and live a happy life. Even though I was in school, I understood that the world around me would be completely different when I am an adult. There were new gadgets and new technologies in the market that were constantly improving year on year, and I was aware that if I had to make a future, I would have to find a new kind of job and vision.

My dad wanted me to become an accountant like him and live a life crunching numbers, coming back home to my wife and kids in the evening and spending lazy weekend afternoons mowing the lawn or doing some woodwork. While I enjoy each of those activities, I choose a different career path for myself. Instead of going into accounts, I got myself smeared in technology from head to toe. Every new gadget that I got my hands on, I knew all the details about it. I was reading up technology guides, science magazines and more at my school library and later went on to graduate with a degree in engineering.

This educational background was not enough for me to find my calling. I found that many of my colleagues were busy in doing their regular jobs, not worrying about how their educational expertise could help people around them. All they wanted was a decent job and a decent paycheck. Even with this new wave of jobs, these people were still living in the 60s and could not find the courage to go beyond themselves. I knew that I was not one of them and that I had to move on from here.

It was then that I decided I will work on my separate gigs. I started doing freelance work in my free time and first paid off my debt. Once it was done, I was ready to take the next big steps. For the next two years, I spent every minute of my free time to learn something new, code new things, create new software and work for more people. I slowly generated enough capital to start a new business. Unfortunately, I did not have enough money to sustain myself for the next 6 months. Apart from the business capital, I only had about 3 months of rent and food expenses- that’s it.

It was a difficult decision for me, but I took it anyway. I left my job and started my own company. My first employee there is now my beautiful wife who is as driven as I was and wanted to work on something exciting and new. With her support and the hard work of my wonderful staff, I grew a one-person company to a 20-person company within 2 years and was already earning more than I could ever imagine.

I started this blog because that feeling inside me to do something new and be able to help people hasn’t died yet. I still believe that more people should be informed about technology and brought into the techno sphere.

So here is this blog, dedicated to all of you who want to stay in touch with the world of technology. It would be my pleasure to guide you into this world full of jargons.