The world of technology is gripping large and small businesses alike, and everyone is ensuring that they don’t miss out on the latest trends. Whether that be Cognos 8 migration to help with business intelligence or specific software technology that brings a team together. These days, small businesses around the world are also finding cost savings and increased productivity, thanks to the use of the latest technology. Let’s find out the tech trends that are being adopted by small businesses.

Accounting software

Even as we are about to complete two decades in the 21st century, there is no dearth of businesses that are still stuck with shoebox accounting methods. Thankfully, the trends are now changing, and these businesses are moving to accounting software. These software products can manage everything from daily expense tracking to payrolls. Some even come equipped with taxation rules and can help you create invoices for vendors.

The accounting software come at competitive prices too – and some providers may even be working with someone like FastSpring (who you can learn more about here) to enable you to pay for the software in your local currency, regardless of the software’s country of origin – which mean that businesses can save a lot of money by eliminating the need for a dedicated bookkeeper. The software can tally your transactions and help you achieve a better overall business accounting system.

Cloud computing

Finally, cloud computing is becoming popular with businesses, and they are opening up to the possibilities that it could bring. With the help of cloud computing, businesses can finally save costs on unproductive legacy systems and enjoy the wonderful world of cloud-based apps and enterprise design. For businesses that are new to adopting technology into their business processes, cloud computing can seem daunting. Reaching out to companies that provide managed it services Denver or any preferred city for the business can aid in migrating to the cloud as well as ensuring security of the data and networks involved.

The great thing about the cloud is that it is not dependent on the device. It can be accessed securely from anywhere and helps you remain updated with the business on the go. There are some services like Dropbox and cloud services from Amazon and Google that are making these services available at very reasonable prices to the small businesses. An even better feature of these offerings is that they allow you to create multiple business solutions at one place and you can scale up or down as per your needs without having to invest in legacy systems.


Another technology that the small businesses are waking up to is cybersecurity. While keeping CCTV cameras in their premises was considered common, and firewall protection was the only protection you needed, the times have changed drastically, and small businesses need to up the ante when it comes to cybersecurity. Thankfully, a number of cybersecurity firms, like Fortinet, exist to solve these types of problems, and they are working continuously to ensure that their clients get the best protection available.

These companies constantly monitor your business data and ensure that there are no fringe points which could be attacked by hackers. These days, the risk of cryptocurrency hackers is also becoming rampant. These people often creep into business systems and utilize their unused computing power to mine digital currencies.

Social media advertising

The customers are using social media to talk about their favorite brands and even supporting their local shops and businesses. Therefore, small businesses are finding it better to set up their shop online and get in touch with the people who buy from them. It could also be a good way to connect with new or potential customers who could be interested in the business offerings. A local bakery shop can showcase all their awesome cakes to the world and ensure that people buy more from them. Sharing on social media is common, and if your post is good enough, it would gain many likes and follows as well, hopefully increasing your business in the meanwhile.

Another important aspect of social media marketing is influencer marketing. It helps the businesses get in touch with local influencers (aka people with a lot of followers and steady engagement) and ask them to promote their business, service or product. It is usually a win-win situation for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence

Though this is an up and coming trend amongst small business, it is catching up. The use of artificial intelligence is very common in chatbots where businesses use these applications to talk to their customers online. Chatbots can help resolve small issues for the customers and escalate the matter to a higher authority if needed. Slowly, these chatbots can learn and can evolve into assistant style applications as well. This technology could also help make users make faster buying decisions in the future and reduce the overall baggage on businesses.

These were some technologies that small businesses are adopting throughout the world. Is your business lagging behind? Buckle up and match pace with your peers now.