Getting your hands on the latest tech toys is an addiction for hundreds of thousands of people, just like me. I can’t sit at home, happy with the phone I am using unless I know what the latest iteration of the best smartphone maker in the world is and once, I know, I have that phone in my hand. I know a lot of people like to play with technology just like me.

However, today I will be talking about something different. I will be detailing my experiences with luxury tech- the only side of technology that doesn’t care about the price tags and probably comes with the most alluring and amazing tech concepts to date. Did you think an iPhone was a luxury? I am sure you will change your mind after reading about my picks of the latest and the best in luxurious tech.


The Samsung QLED

If you think 4K resolution is the best in the business, you have to wait till you see the Samsung QLED which is known as the master of disguise. This 8K resolution TV comes with everything you can ask for- a thin wallpaper like design, a wall-mounted screen and an ability to blend into the décor like it was no big deal.

The TV will be the hot favorite for people who want to shell out some money for an absolutely top-notch TV viewing experience. You get the ultra, ultra-high-definition 4k tv viewing as well as the super ultra-high definition 8K experience. If the TV is coming from South Korea, you better be sure that you are getting something truly high class and futuristic.

Samsung’s device is in direction competition with LG. While LG comes with OLED (organic light-emitting diode), Samsung comes with QLED (quantum light-emitting diode). The company claims that their screens are crisper, clear, brighter and more colorful than a regular OLED.


One of the best flagship smartphones for Android, the OnePlus 6T is everything you are looking in a smartphone + more. It has a cult-like following but not because it has a snob appeal for being a costly product (like the iPhone). It is a truly smart and gimmick-free product that comes at a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone and works much, much better.

The native Android experience of the OnePlus 6T is fabulous. It comes with a high-end design, a premium look and very genuine appeal. It would be hard to get your eyes off this one if you get your hands on it. The screen resolution, size, the wonderful audio, the spectacular video and even the never-ending battery life makes it a product that you would love to death. The setup is easy, and you get the best that Android has to offer. Not to forget the on-screen fingerprint scanner. That one feature is enough to ditch whatever flagship phone you are using right now and become a OnePlus fan. What makes this phone luxury is not its cost but the design, the elegance and the sheer number of features and user experience.

Virtual reality cinema pod

The VR technology may mean nothing to regular people but those who like to stay at the top of technological advancements, know that it is going to be big. Spend a few extra dollars from your disposable income and you get an amazing virtual reality cinema pod right in your home. Made by Immotion, this cinema pod is everything that a VR fan is looking for. It heightens your experiences, helps you enjoy VR in a more comfortable way and makes it all look cool at the same time. Honestly, this would be a perfect Christmas gift for me. You get 3,000 plays with this pod and if you have the heart to exhaust them all, you can buy even more.

These were three of my favorite luxury products in the tech segments. I chose them because of their overall appeal and because I have a belief that they can do really when for the users who bought them. Though the products in the luxury tech category can always set you back by a few thousand dollars, it is always a good thing to invest in. After all, who wants a puny 4K when he knows that the market already has 8K Super UHD.